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Updated March 17, 2017

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"STUFF" - interesting web sites that might not fit anywhere else  

Watch out for those URGENT messages you get from well-meaning but unknowing friends who pass on every bit of internet nonsense that they hear.  You can not help missing children by forwarding a message or get a free trip to Disneyland or Applebee's. Check Snopes before bothering your friends!

Attend Harvard - Free! There are lots of lectures presented by the professors at Harvard that have been recorded and can be heard here

Pun of the Day - Seven days without a pun makes one weak!  Start your day with a groan

Museum of  Musical Instruments - The MoMI encompasses a mixture of history and design expressed through instruments, artists, and their music - look, listen, learn!

How Stuff Works  If you've ever wondered how that  works, why things are the way they are....Detailed info on just about everything!

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